Microlasers based on 3D cuboids of micron sizes

Microlasers based on 3D cuboids of micron sizes have been developed and studied, the parameters of their generation, methods of fabrication, polymer composite materials for resonators, the main dependencies of coherent radiation on the parameters of the resonator have been investigated. The physical foundations of the technology for their manufacture have been developed.
Vincent W. Chen, Joel M. Hales, Eric S. Mansfield, Jeannie Yom, Simon N. Dunham, and JosephW. Perry, Nina Sobeshchuk, Stefan Bittner, Clement Lafargue, Severin Charpignon, David Ulbricht, Joseph Lautru, Igor Denisyuk, Joseph Zyss, and Melanie Lebental Three-Dimensional Organic Microlasers with Low Lasing Thresholds Optical Express, Vol . 22, Issue 10, pp. 12316-12326 (2014).

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