Summer Internship in International laboratory "Nonlinear optical molecular crystals and microlasers"

Nonlinear optical crystalsTOPICS OF RESEARCH:

1. Lithography processes
2. Holographic recording
3. Surface modification of nanoparticles
4. Nanocomposites synthesis and their properties
5. Non-linear crystals preparation and their properties

POLYMER NANOCOMPOSITES - new materials which find various applications in our lives. Applies to the optics such materials is:
- optical media for various purposes (including nonlinear optical) 
- coatings and adhesives with variable and adjustable refractive index 
- materials for 3D holography 
- materials for photonic crystals

Synthesis of such materials, physics of processes, properties, and application technologies - are new, poorly studied and perspective areas of research. During the summer Intership students will receive complex of practical and theoretical knowledge in the area of: 
- synthesis of nanocomposites
- methods of characterization
- holographic recording technology on nanomaterials
- lithographic technologies of photonics elements



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